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Fall 2015 | Strip District, Pittsburgh | Instructor Matt Plescity & Matthew Huber | Group Project with Yooh-Ho Oh


The main goal of this project was to design a housing complex that allows not only residents, but also the visitors of Strip District to have a place to gather and socialize.
The driving force of the form was circulation throughout the building with the integration of eco-machines (bioswales and green roofs).
The two wings, containing the residential programs, are connected with a communal market at the center that opens up both towards the Allegheny River and the rest of Strip District through the terminal building.
The bioswales play a big role in the design, depending on the flood level, they get filled up and ultimately adjust the circulation of the site. The green roofs help make public and private spaces distinct and add to the community aspect of the site.

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Modular Eco-Morphologies: Gallery
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